Monday, August 31, 2009

Show Them What're You Made of

You are made of a diamond - a rare one.

That's it is, by the time you decided to become Unit Trust Consultant (UTC). You have opened up yourself to vast opportunity like no other. You are talking about high potential of financial freedom. The opportunity to break away from monotonous chain of daily life. The freedom from the confinement of a tight working space / place. And opportunity to work in flexi-timeframe.

That's what you are.

But until you can stand on your own feet, you are actually unpolished diamond.

There is a little problem, of course. Unpolished diamond doesn't really look good. Anyone with untrained eyes can't really differentiate unpolished diamond from ordinary glass.
Unpolished diamond still, thats what you're. Especially when almost everytime your UT superior need to instruct you to do so-in-so, to remain you do-and-don't, helping you with housekeeping, managing your clients, assisting you with your downlines.

But the truth is, nobody born as polished diamond. Perhaps God purposely leaves the polishing task to us all. And so we need to polish ourselves especially in UT business.

You can't simply move on in this industry just like that, but to upgrade youself. If you wanna successful, you need to take every chances to attend courses, seminars, gathering, get together sessions, get along sessions, or your career will die soon.

A lot of things happen in those sessions that are good for you. There, you will find someone that may inspires you, for example. Or someone may provoke you, may challence you or make your jealous simply because they perform better than you are. All these negative and positive energies pushing you to one point eventually. You'll feel that, "I NEED TO PERFORM BETTER". By attending these session, you will also get updated, get organised and having sense of confidence, and know where you are heading to.

Please remember, unit trust industries is about a long term stability, long term return and also, long term income to you. If you wanna successful, you're going to take up a long term relationship with clients. For this, they deserve the peace of mind hanging around with you.

Make them feel that you're someone worth to be trusted managing their money. Polish yourself. You need improvement in order to impress and to guide them.

God bless,

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