Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Once You Stop Selling, You're Finish!

I gonna deliver a bit of a sermon today, sorry if it lands you into boredom. But since you are here already, please bear with me.

Selling, as many of you realize, is different from working employment. The income from UT consultancy is flexible as flexible as the amount of time that you can put into it. As flexible as the amount of effort and energy that you can allocate into it.

That is the different between the two. As a matter fact, this is the clear boundary between them.

The keyword is the opportunity. You reap what you sow or as you sow shall you reap, whatever. It means, what you do comes back to you eventually, and this is the fact in UT business.

Take this for example. In UT consultancy, Whatever income you get today is because of what you did in the past, is because of your effort of yesterday and it is fixed. There is nothing you can do to modified it. You may get RM50, RM100, RM1,000 or RM10,000 as the income from UT at the end of the month because of how many people you can convinced and invested their money under your consultancy and supervision and that is it.

You can't change it any longer, no matter how loud you cry, or scream because what you get isn't enough to cover your basic sustenance (paying monthly installments, utility bills etc.,)

It is because of what you did in the whole month, 30 days before. And the amount you received is fixed. As fixed as the monthly salary you get from the employment.

What is the whole point that I wanna talk about?

I'm talking about what you did yesterday makes your life as it is today. And beyond it actually. Whatever you are doing today, at this moment will effect your tommorow's income.

So this is the beauty of UT career.

While you cannot do anything of what you get today, you can actually modify your future!

You need the income today, and you will need it tommorow too.

Hence, you need to keep on build the network i.e. finding clients, looking for your downlines, and servicing the existing clients NON-STOP day by day as if you walking barefoot everyday. Only by continuously working on it, your network will expands and getting bigger and bigger day after day.

By doing this, its only natural that you tommorow's income will getting bigger and bigger too. And big enough not only to cover your basic necessity, but to you will be able to save some amount for the future.

You need to work on UT as a habit.

It isn't like going to karaoke, that you go there whenever you like if you have free time. That kind of attitude will bring you nowhere. UT is not the kind of work that you can set-and-forget ...

Keep on building network, horn your selling skill, that is it.

What you reap is what you sow

God bless,


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