Sunday, August 16, 2009

Finding UT Client the easy way: Part 3 You are the SUN!

There is no doubt that the first 100 clients is the easiest part in your early career as UT consultant.

But you may not realised this. Probably because all this while you always looking for greener grass on the other side of the field. You were looking for distant planets on the other side of milky way. Or you got panic as weeks passed by and you did not get a single customer. Ugh, cheer up my friend, this is not the end of the world...

Let me humbly guide you to understand how your life as UTC is easy with this simple experiment.

Please make sure that you have a piece of plain paper (kertas kosong).

Then, Draw a small dot on it. Only small dot and nothing else.

You see, this small dot is the most important. It is the starting point, it appears before everything else exist on that paper.

It makes that supposedly plain paper no longer a plain paper because now it already has a DOT. Now it is there, the dot is actually everyting,forming a new beginning for the paper itself.

Again, this small dot actually is EVERYTHING. It is akin to the SUN. And actually it is YOU, the first time after you pass the examination.

Your UT consultancy career is all started with you, and you alone.

This is only the beginning, as I already said. The sun, we don't call it as the sun without planets. Same to you, there is nothing to consult if you have no clients!

But, since you are the sun, then you shall create your planets. And in this case it is about your first 100 planets. Kept in mind that the first 100 planets are the easiest part of your life as UT consultant.

No man is an island. Even the sun is nothing if it has no planets!

So, what shall we do to find the first 100 planets? Its easy because all 100 planets are around you!

Here I give you the first 25, and please go on until it reaches the first 100.

1. Your Sisters
2. Your brothers
3. Your Mother
4. Your father
5. Your husband
6. Your sister's sons
7. Your sister's daughters
8. Your brother's sons (nephews)
9. Your brother's daughters (nieces)
10. Your sons / daughters
11. Your sister-in-law
12. Your brother-in-law
13. Your sister-in-law's sons
14. Your sister-in-law's daughters
15. Your father-in-law
16. Your mother-in-law
17. Your uncles
18. Your Aunties
19. Your uncle's sons (your cousins)
20. Your uncle's daughters (your cousins)
21. Your husband's uncles
22. Your husbands' aunties
23. Sons of your husband's aunties
24. Daughters of your husband's aunties
25. Sons of your husband's uncles and the list goes on ...

Nope, I'm not kidding although you may felt that the above list is funny somehow. This is about networking, building your business, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

No man is an Island
, again, and you need them to become your planets and they need you as their only SUN. You eventually help managing their money, and for this they should be grateful to you. And on the other hand, you too, should be grateful to them as their investment will bring about steady income on your part...

So? So go, approach them and create your first 100 planets.

Up to this points you begin to ask me, "Ms. Elda, what will happens after I completed the first 100 planets?"

Well, let get this straight. Any UT consultant that already have 100 planets as repository may no longer needs my advice at all!

So as usual, let summarize the all the above points of discussion into two golden rules of UT's SUN (that is YOU!)

Rule No.1: You first 100 clients is the easiest to be found
Rule No.2: Finding your next 100 clients is even easier!

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