Saturday, July 25, 2009

Finding UT Client the easy way: Part 2 Clients are EVERYWHERE

Clients are everywhere in your daily life.

Nope, I am not dreaming. You bet, I am fully awake as I wrote this article. You see, all you need to do is to fully understand your own daily life pattern, utilised them fully, and you will become a successful UT consultant!

There is a need to understand your daily life pattern nicely, in order to be succesfull.

If not, you will end up in a selling mess, and get lost in selling jungle. And this is bad, the selling careers of yours may be short lived as the result. Again, only by understanding the pattern you will see that clients are everywhere, and every moments. This way you simply can't miss every selling opportunities that appears moments after moment in your daily life.

So, what does it mean by this boombastic "understanding your daily life pattern" jargon any how? Actually, it is just a simple phrase. Understand life lead to your success.

Take this for example. You are a government's / company's employer, working full time and at the same time doing UT on part time basis. Look at all these daily potentials...

1. Every morning is an opportunity

Every morning you may send kids to school. You are not alone, as many other parents are doing exactly the same. These people are potentials! Of course, you are not going to sell unit trust that early, but I'm not going to stop you if you want to do that. By the way, it isn't too early to smile, and to say hello to anybody that happen to be there. Start your day with smile and this is a positive energy. By just smiling, these people will recognise your face. You may bump again with them somewhere, in some corners of the city, parking lots, shopping malls and there, real opportunities will be yours. Or may be later in the day, in the same school and they will become 'real' prospects. I will explain this later.

2. Opportunity in the late morning

Look at your office, and you will understand of what I mean. The office location, for example. Is it a stand alone office, in a shoplots or building complex? There are lot of opportunities there, and you don't know that until you try. Everybody there are the potentials. Nevermind about their current investment status, whether they have yet to invest in UT, or already invested in some funds, or not interested at all. Remember, UT is all about long term investment, and you too need some time to invest trust in their head before they invest money in UT.

Think about the bunches of working colleageus, friends, friend's friends, office's clients, other office bearers / staffs from other departments / companies nearby...

Yes, there are so many of them. And, it's more actually; just look this way. You may also have a coffee break at 10 a.m. daily, right? There are high chances that it takes place at the canteen or cafe too, right? Also tend to be a lot of people there.

Not to proceed with selling process directly but if you want, no harm to try.

What I mean is all about but building a gradual contacts, and a growing network. Afterall, you are the one who benefit most later. Simply put, say hello now, sell later. Or say hello and sell at the same time, whatever. I won't go in detail on how to start selling, the chances is that you already knew about it and have attended the selling courses prior to this.

3. Opportunity in the afternoon

The chances are, you will also pick yours kid up in the afternoon, as you were the one who sent them to school in the morning. And there are also highly chances that you will see the same people that you say hello in the morning. They are just like you, and are having the same commitment as yours. But compare with the mood in the morning as everybody are rushing, they are bit relax this time around. But I'm not talking about mood, this article. This is about selling, so we are going to focus on selling opportunity. How about getting there 5 minutes earlier. Just for the sake of killing time, why can't you smile again, talk to them and ask for the their contact number? Aha, the selling isn't it ....

So far I just stated 3 types of opportunities based on your daily routine. But think about it. Everyday, opportunities are everywhere and they don't just stop in the afternoon. You may involve in neighborhood activites late in the evening. You may go to the mosque every day / every week. Or to temple, to church, depending on your religious belief. And opportunities always there, waiting.

Day in day out, you will continuously moving in selling's life cycle, and you keep on circumambulating around the selling. But the good thing is that, your circle getting bigger and bigger. That's why wise men of the olden days said, "Rome was not built in one day" and it's true.

As a UT consultant, whether you doing it full time or part time doesn't really matter. Last year's top PM UT consultant performer (2008) was a part timer. Some even said that doing UT on part time basis is better as it bring less stress, more secure, and steady continuous influx of customer by understanding your daily routine. But on individual level, it is a matter of preference. I, for example, choose to do UT consultancy on full time basis and I still feel the same "less stress, more secure, and steady continuous influx of customers" sentiments.

So it is entirely up to you. But whatever it is, I have another rule of thumb of selling for you to ponder upon.

Rule No.1 Client is everywhere
Rule No.2 Clients are everywhere

Cheers and heat up you selling life cycle,


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