Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finding UT Client the easy way: Part 1 JUST DO IT!

So, you wanna sell Unit Trust (UT) and it is very unfortunate that clients seems nowhere to be found. And you feel its tough isn't it. Tough, tough, tough...

Maybe you are the UT consultant for quite some time. Maybe you just pass the exam. And your superior keep on pushing.

Then what should you do?
Perhaps, as the result maybe you thinking of quitting.

Well, let me be honest that you're not alone. It happens to me as well. Again and again and again. Except for me, I NEVER thinking of quitting as I like this job. This is my bread and butter so to speak.

But really, the answer actually lies within each and everyone of us.

I have a tip that does wonder almost all the time when I'm trapped in the blue.

I'm doing it all the time and it works. So I really wanna share this, and hope that you all find it useful. First, sit down and take a piece of paper and a pen with you. Close your eyes and take a deep breath before proceed.

Then write down at least 100 names of persons that you can remember, regardless of whether these person have investment potentials or not. Or even more names if you want as the choice is yours.

I often started with my kid's names, my husband's, my maid's, my dad's, my mum's, whatever, whosoever, it doesn't matter. What we need is for our mind to break loose and then when it relaxes more names will appear and you can write them down too...

After a while and satisfied that there are already enough names, then start filtering by studying them one by one. Of course for me, my kid's names, my husband's, my maid's, my dad's, my mum's, are those which the first to be striked off.

Again checking one by one, from one name to another until you finish them off. Believe me, you can easily find 20 potentials names or more!

And of these 20 potentials, filter them further and try to find 5 the most potential of them all and tada... normally I will end up finding their contact number, calling them up and set an appointment. And the selling process goes on. And on.

That's how I filled up my day.

That's why, please remember the TWO (2) GOLDEN RULES in Selling UT



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